Product Design -Pen stand/ Aquarium (Concept Design)

An early Sketch  idea 
Design Concept #1:
Main idea was to create a sculptural design for a pen/pencil stand to conceptualize the modern office and the industrial furniture that is sweeping the industry by storm.

Office Placement - Design concept #1

Design Concept #2:
Taking the design a step further, An aquarium was installed as a visual excitement and to give more of a lively atmosphere to the office and the user, it can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Office Placement - Design concept #2

Design Concept #3:
Upgrading the thought process a level, a plant pot replaced the pen stand to create more of a system of self purifying aquarium, the plants make use of the waste created by the fish thus keeping the aquarium cleaner a little longer and  the plant making use of the water provided by the aquarium to a certain level.

Office Placement - Design Concept #3


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