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Islamic decoration makes great use of geometric shapes which have developed over the centuries. Many of these derived from various earlier cultures: Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Central Asian, and Persian. They are usually distinguished from the arabesque, the term for decoration in Islamic art based on curving and branching vegetal forms. But sometimes foliage and linear geometric patterns are combined in a single design, and some purely abstract linear patterns adopt designs that seem clearly derived from vegetal arabesque ones. The floral designs have evolved into beautiful and highly complex patterns, still used in many modern day settings.

Islamic star patterns arose in the centuries after the birth of Islam, and spread quickly as Islamic rule grew outward from the Middle East to encompass western Europe, northern Africa, and southern Asia. This form of ornamentation peaked in the first half of the second millennium. The practice then tapered off as the borders of the Muslim world began to shrink. Today, historical artifacts can be found in countries from Spain to Uzbekistan, with important concentrations in Spain, Turkey, Iran, and Morocco.

In this blog post I will try to create islamic patterns using digital methods, enabling the use of these geometric patterns in design, you can download the 2D and the 3D version and incorporate it directly to your design.

I will also include a case study in which these patterns where used and jpeg/png file for more understanding on how these complex geometries connect and work together.

*You can download the files here |
Islamic Pattern #1 on OneDrive (Donwload)

(Includes the following):
  • Photos
  • 3D Rhino
  • Autocad 2D
  • PDF 
  • Illustrator 

Pattern 1 

Pattern Layout Draft  


Case Study :

The Royal Mansour hotel and spa in Marrakech



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