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JabalAmman ((جبل عمان is one of the seven hills that originally made up Amman, Jordan. Along with the rest of old Amman, JabalAmman was first settlement during the Neolithic period; but unlike nearby hills, particularly JabalAl-Qalaa, JabalAmman was never fortified.
JabalAmman is located between East and West Amman, and also well connected to the downtown area through a network of staircases –staircases important to Ammani architecture. Public staircases are abundant in the area of Jabal Amman – proving the importance of these circulation elements in Ammani architecture due to the many slopes of the terrain. The 3rd circle marks the edge of the Jabal Amman area, and King Talal Street marks the other edge of it. It covers an area of 13.8 sqkm.
In 2005, the Greater Amman Municipality recognized Jabal Amman as a 'heritage attraction point' and set forth plans to preserve and develop the historic hill.
Zahran was considered the most prestigious Corridor in Amman. Therefore, it was the most preferable location to build several of the City's formal functions such as Zahran Palace, The Parliament Building, Embassies, Ambassad or Residences, major luxurious hotels, and significant other functions.
Later on and towards the 1970s, several ministries were also built and added to the Corridor (e.g.,MinistryofAgriculture).
This street and the area around it were chosen to become the diplomatic quarter of Amman.
The different elite families and affluent merchants such as Sha'asha', AbuRageb, AbuLaban, Fouzi, Masri, and several others contributed to the character of the Corridor through their luxurious villas.

* A number of information can not be shared due to the nature of the work done in the process, this is an urban design work, and certain student efforts can't be publicized without their consent, I will try to contact most of the participants included in the subject matter and ask permission wether I can share the information or not, stay tuned :)  !


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